AlwaysThe Best Entertainment has a variety of sound systems available, enabling us to accommodate the most intimate setting as well as large ballrooms seating hundreds of people.
Our featured system is the state of the art Bose cylindrical sound radiator (shown on the opposite page), which immerses listeners in a 180-degree pattern of music. This system is unlike anything that you have ever seen or heard before! It delivers smooth, uniform coverage with crisp and detailed sound, while requiring only a very small amount of floor space. Treat your guests to the Bose sound experience!
At remote locations where power is not available we use a smaller JBL system that can be run off a portable battery pack, allowing us to perform at almost any outdoor location.
For wedding ceremonies at San Diego's Balboa Park and other locations that prohibit the use of electronic amplification we have the JVC Kaboom Box, which is the largest portable boom box on the market (powered by 10 'D' batteries). This system is totally compliant with park regulations and can provide music and a talk microphone for your event. (This system is perfect for the solo band.)
We can also combine multiple systems to provide coverage to extra large areas.


In addition to sound systems, Always The Best Entertainment also has a variety of lighting options available.

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